650 Welsbach Electric Construction Workers Wear 
Pink Hard Hats At Scores Of Job Sites Throughout October

---Creates “Call to Action” During Breast Cancer Awareness Month for
EMCOR’s 7th Annual “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today” Campaign--- 


COLLEGE POINT, NEW YORK -- October 8, 2015 Welsbach Electric Corp. announces that 650 of its construction workers at scores of job sites are wearing EMCOR Pink Hard Hats throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as a "Call to Action" supporting breast cancer screening and awareness as part of EMCOR's "Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today."campaign.

Specializing in outdoor electrical construction and maintenance, power systems construction, Intelligent Transportation Systems, mass transit and railway systems, and roadway/street lighting systems installations Welsbach Electric is one of the largest commercial electrical contractors in the New York City Metro area. Welsbach Electric is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME), a Fortune 500® leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services for a diverse range of businesses.

Welsbach Electric branded EMCOR Pink Hard Hats will be seen by scores of people as its employees work at a host of client locations throughout the tri-state area, ranging from bridges and tunnels, to roadways and commercial facilities.

Welsbach Electric employees are joined by thousands of additional EMCOR employees coast-to-coast who are also wearing Pink Hard Hats during October at hundreds of work sites---ranging from hospitals to financial institutions, and from malls and military bases to universities.

The “multiplier effect” continues, as even more people are reached with the “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today.” message as EMCOR employees take the Pink Hard Hats home each night and are seen by spouses, daughters, sisters, etc.

Additionally, Welsbach Electric service vehicles, in combination with EMCOR’s fleet of 7,000+ service vehicles, are displaying Pink Hard Hat posters with the “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today.” message; they’re reaching millions more people throughout streets coast-to-coast the entire month of October.

“Welsbach Electric is delighted to be participating in EMCOR’s 7th consecutive year of conducting this national initiative,” stated Kenneth Brouwer, President & CEO, Welsbach Electric Corp.. "Our employees wear hard hats on a daily basis for personal protection, and we’re proud of their commitment to wear an EMCOR Pink Hard Hat throughout October to raise awareness for breast cancer and how women and men can help to protect themselves by getting screened."

Visit EMCOR’s Pink Hard Hat site: https://emcorgroup.com/pinkhardhat

About Welsbach Electric Corp.   

For over a century, Welsbach Electric Corp. has provided comprehensive outdoor electrical construction and maintenance services to clients in the New York metropolitan area. The company specializes in transportation projects such as street and parking field lighting, traffic signals, telemetry systems, fiber optic cabling and equipment, ITS systems and major road construction and also works on industrial and commercial facilities. Based in College Point, NY, Welsbach Electric Corp. is a subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME), a Fortune 500 company with estimated 2015 revenues of ~$6.6B. EMCOR is a leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services.  A provider of critical infrastructure systems, EMCOR gives life to new structures and sustains life in existing ones by its planning, installing, operating, maintaining, and protecting the sophisticated and dynamic systems that create facility environments---such as electrical, mechanical, lighting, air conditioning, heating, security, fire protection, and power generation systems---in virtually every sector of the economy and for a diverse range of businesses, organizations and government.  EMCOR represents a rare combination of broad reach with local execution, combining the strength of an industry leader with the knowledge and care of 170 locations. The 29,000+ skilled employees of EMCOR have made the company, in the eyes of leading business publications, amongst the “World’s Most Admired” and “Best Managed”. EMCOR’s diversity---in terms of the services it provides, the industries it serves and the geography it spans---has enabled it to create a stable platform for sustained results. The Company’s strong financial position has enabled it to attract and retain among the best local and regional talent, to undertake and complete the most ambitious projects, and to redefine and shape the future of the construction and facilities services industry. Additional information on EMCOR can be found at www.EMCORGroup.com.